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What is Noobeed?

Noobeed is an Interactive Geomatic Object Oreinted Language especially designed for Geomatics activities (Photogrammetry, Surveying, Mapping, Geodesy, GIS, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Spatial Modeling).


Can I see a screen-shot of Noobeed?

Certainly, here it is.



Does Noobeed have GUI (Graphic User Interface)?

No, not at the moment.  Noobeed is designed to be a language-based interface software.  Everything is driven by an instruction statement, inputted at the command prompt, or a set of instruction statements, a program, loaded from a file.

Next version of Noobeed may have GUI, however it is only for the purpose of visualization and it will be activated by language interface commands.


Can I use Noobeed as a general purpose language?

Yes.  Although originally Noobeed is created to be used in Geomatics, Noobeed language is just likes other computer languages, is simple and general enough to use for problem solving in many other areas.  You can use Noobeed to write a game such as Mastermind, see an example in section external program and function repository.


What is meant by Noobeed is the first Interactive Geomatic Object Oreinted Language?

It means Noobeed is the first software that:

1. is a language-based system,

2. is interactive, and

3. has object oriented language syntax, with built-in Geomatic objects.

By the word Geomatics, we mean the software covers the following sub-areas:

1. Photogrammetry   2. Surveying   3. Geodesy   4. Remote Sensing   and 5. GIS & Mapping.

The software should be able to do all (not some) basic tasks in each areas.  We did not find any single software in the market that fulfills all of above conditions (at the time that Noobeed was launched, on September 15, 2001).


Who should use Noobeed?

Photogrammetrists, Surveyors, Cartographers, GIS analysts, Geodesists, Remote sensing analysts, image analysts, scientists, student, instructors and researchers in Geomatics and related institutes.


What are the benefits of using Noobeed in teaching and learning Geomatics?

There are several reasons that Noobeed is suitable for teaching and learning.

1. Nobeed is more affordable.  Imagine how much money need to spend in purchasing on-the-shelf software, in which sometimes ends up with incomplete software, with limit numbers of seats, a lot of restrictions and a yearly fee to renew the license. 

It is found that not having enough sets of software is one of the main factors that discourages students from practicing.  Because of Noobeed's low price, an institute can purchase as many enough sets of software for students.  In addition, the institute can make sure that students are exposed to software that is What-You-Learn-IS-What-You-Can-Buy.

2. Noobeed is more comprehensive.  Noobeed is a single tool that combines all functionalities that cover all areas in Geomatics (photogrammetry, surveying, geodesy, remote sensing, spatial modeling, GIS and mapping). 

3. Noobeed is interactive.  At the command prompt, a statement, once entered, is executed right away. The results and all variables can be inspected, if necessary, an intermediate measure can be introduced, before proceeding to the next step.  This will create a continuous flow of thinking, leaning and problem solving, and save a tremendous amount of time when developing a new application.  Once everything works fine, all instructions can be grouped and run as a program.


I know nothing about Noobeed, where should I start?

First get a copy of Noobeed by visiting the download page.  Then go to the main page and follow the link getting start in the main page.

Once you are familiar with Noobeed, depending upon your area of interest, you can try some of examples by following the links under "Example" in the main page.  Another good area to look is in External Function and Program Repository.


I have used Noobeed quite a while, where can I get more information on Noobeed Geomatic objects?

You can visit each individual class of Noobeed, by following the link "Class and Object" in the main page.  If a particular Geomatic object sounds interesting to you, get into that class, where you can find more information including all class functions available of the class.


What makes Noobeed different from other computer languages?

Noobeed is a language that specifically oriented toward problem solving in Geomatics and related fields.  If you use other general purpose languages, then you must write all the functions by yourself.

Noobeed saves you time by providing you most basic Geomatics functions so that the user can focus more on the application problem solving.


How fast is Noobeed?

All built-in functions in Noobeed run as fast as C++ functions because they are written in C++.  For example an ortrorectification of a 4000 x 4000 aerial image would take about 5 minutes in a typical PC.

Due to being an interpreted language, Noobeed program is relatively slower, however providing all the benefits of interactive, automatic variable declaration and memory handling.  Noobeed external functions pay a little extra cost, however they keep the main program short and easy to read.


Does Noobeed provide training?

Not on a regular basis.  Individuals and groups who are interested can arrange a short training course with Noobeed.  All enquiries should proceed to support@noobeed.com.


Does Noobeed have a hardcopy manual?

No, not until we find that there is an absolute need of it.  All materials in the web will do the job and we hope that by this way we can help safe some trees from being cut.


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