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Noobeed is a collection of useful geomatic objects, ready to be used and combined in a single interactive environment.  Each individual class is unique and, in fact, has its world in its own right, for example Aerial Triangulation objects (AT_2D, AT_3D, AT_BD), Ellipsoid, Projection, Matrix, etc.  However the dignity of Noobeed is from viewing the program as a whole.  Thus, Noobeed will never be dissembled and be sold in separated modules. 

Noobeed will be one of the best tools you might ever have or want to have it at hand, either as a generic tool for daily routine work or as a specialized tool to solve a specific problem.  Despite its low cost,  Noobeed is designed to be a serious professional software, and never be a toy program.  It is made ready to attack difficult real world problems at any level of scale. We are so confident that no any other commercial software could offer this much capability at this price level.

We understand that price is one of the key factors to consider when purchasing a product, and it should be made available to the public unless there is a good reason, for example it is unpredictable, uncertain, prohibitive, etc.  Even in a very complicate business, for example the car industrial, they are able to give the price right up front to the consumers, and so is Noobeed.

There are companies that let you spend a long time searching on the web pages for the price.  However we don't do that.  Some may ask you to contact them for a price quote.  You send an email and they may collect your information or raise the price.  We don't do that either. 

Here at Noobeed, we are proud that our price policy is frank and fair.  Each time we quote prices here, we give the date when it is first issued and the ending date when it is good through.  Noobeed guarantees that each quotation will be valid for at least one year, during which period the price may go down, however will never go up.

A list of prices, good from November 1, 2011, is given in the table below.


Price ($USD)

Noobeed single license* 


Noobeed student single license** 


Noobeed site license* (per seat) must order at least 5 seats


Noobeed research site license* (per seat) must order at least 5 seats


Noobeed academic site license** (per seat) must order at least 5 seats


*  has a 90-day support and upgrade

** has a 30-day support and upgrade

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