Aerial Triangulation 3D Block Adjustment


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Aerial Triangulation 3D block adjustment computes 7 parameters of 3D conformal transformation, namely one sclae, three rotation angles and three shifts.  It is often call Block Adjustment by Independent Model.  Noobeed adjusts all 7 parameters simultaneously.  Although the mathematic model is not linear, meaning that approximation of parameters are required.  Noobeed automatically computes all the approximate values of parameters.  Here are some more details.

Data and Output 

        The model coordinates measurement data are in the file "model_obs.txt".  

        The ground control coordinates data are in this file, "model_gcp.txt".

        These are really all you need.  Now it's time to do data processing.

        It is always possible to type interactively on the screen.  However, writing a program is also a good choice, like this.


Blk = AT_3D()

/ this is default values of SD (image rectangular coordinates)

Blk.sd_xmymzm() = 0.060




Type the above program, using a text editor, then save it in a file, e.g. "AT.prg".  Then load it, and run it.

->load "AT.prg"


Here is the result, "at_3d_out.txt".  Please be advised that the adjustment results might not be as good as those come from a bundle block block adjustment, which is the real correct model of this data set.  The value of the standard deviation of unit weight, a unit-less parameters, tells how good the model fits the data.  This is a good example to appreciate the extreme accuracy of the bundle block adjustment mathematic model.

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