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Noobeed's photogrammetric functions are designed to cover all basic activities, starting from camera definition, interior orientation, all the way up to ortho-rectification and map finishing.  

Apart from an ordinary otho-rectification capability, Noobeed offers a unique method of ortho-rectification that, to the best of our knowledge, no other commercial software has it.   This is to do an ortho-rectification together with map reprojection, hence requiring resample only once.  A situation might arise when the requested final map projection coordinate system is not the same as ground control coordinates system.  For example, ground control coordinate is Lambert Conformal Conic, and the requested final map projection is UTM.  A more complicate situation might be the existing DEM is not in the same map projection as the ground control coordinate system, which is again different from the required final map projection system.  Noobeed has a bulilt-in function to handle all these kinds of situation so that resample will be done only once, thus eliminating unnecessary error introduced by image resample.

The following are summary of built-in function used in Photogrammetry.

  • orientation (IO, RO, EO, AO)
  • self calibration (principal distance, xp yp principal point coordinate) by single photo resection and by block adjustment (with up to 6 distortion parameters can be modeled).
  • conventional rectification, and ortho-photo generation, with an automatic boundary determination or a user-defined boundary.  Three choices of resample types are available, namely nearest, bilinear and bicubic.
  • coordinate transformation back and forth, among row and column index, x y image coordiante, x y photo coordinate, model coordinate and ground coordinate.
  • ray intersect from a point in a photo, xp yp, to a plane in the object space
  • Two dimension Aerial triangulation with 3 available transformation models, conformal, affine, and 2nd polynomial.
  • Three dimensional Aerial Triangulation with simultaneous adjustment of all 7 parameters.  Approximate values of parameters are not required for they are determined automatically inside the function.
  • Aerial Triangulation by Bundle Block Adjustment.  Approximate values of all parameters are automatically calculated inside the function.
  • ability to key-in Exterior Orientation Parameters (EOP) and automatically recover of AOP and ROP.  Vice versa, automatically determination of EOPs if a Model is set by RO and AO.
  • Epipolar geometry Image generation (image normalization) and automaticaaly update ROP, AOP and EOP of the epipolar (normalized) images.
  • anaglyphic image generation
  • automatic area-base matching and DEM generation
  • automatic handle of earth curvature, atmospheric refraction correction and lens distortion, and ability to turn on and off
  • image pyramid generation, (all necessary transformation parameters are automatically and correctly transfer to each level)
  • SPOT image modeling and ortho-rectification of SPOT imagery, three choices of resample types namely nearest, bilinear and bicubic.

Note:- Please be advised that the single photo resection with camera self calibration function provided here is intend to be used in class room to make students appreciate the relationship between EOP and IOP.  In some cases they are also somewhat helpful when we want to have the best fit between photo coordinates and ground controls.  However, they should not be used in real professional camera calibration, where a block of photos is required, not just a single photo. 

Please use the class function "selfcalib" in class "AT_BD", for the Aerial Triangulation using bundle adjustment with self calibration.

Here are some examples.

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