Remote Sensing


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Remote sensing basically deals with imagery, and both Matrix and Image objects of Noobeed can be thought of a data structure to store an image.  While a position in a Matrix is referred to by an index, row and column, a location on an image is x y coordinates.  An Image object is in fact a Matrix with known spatial location.  Hence it is preferable to use an Image object, rather than a Matrix object, when spatial location is known.

When dealing with a color image, an Image_rgb object can be used.  It is basically the same as an ordinary basic Image object (Image_uch, Image_sht, Image_int, etc.).  However, an Image_rgb object consists of 3 Matrices for its member data, as oppose to 1 Matrix for a normal image, to represent R, G, and B band.

The following are list of built-in functionality available for remote sensing.  Please see section Example in Matrix for additional functions that are not listed here.

  • Image enhacement (linear stretching, stretching with saturation, histogram equalization, histogram matching)
  • data reassignment, reclassification, lookup table
  • graphic drawing on an Image, using  x y image rectangular coordinate (line, poly-line, text, circle, ellipse, rectangle, square, symbol, fill polygon)
  • resample at any x y coordinate (nearest, bilinear, bicubic)
  • Image rectification (Geocoding) by 4 types of transformation (conformal, affine, projective, and 2nd degree polynomial) with 3 types of resample available (nearest, bilinear, and bicubic").  Bounady of the final result is automatically determined or user defined boundary is possible.
  • Image reprojection, over 10 map projections, some 30 predefined ellipsoids and over 150 predefined geodetic datums are available.
  • SPOT satellite image modeling and orthorectification, using collinearity condition and without orbit information.
  • slope map (x y or max) aspect (direction of max slope) and shade relief map generation.
  • image mosaic with feather capability (seamless mosaic)
  • RGB and HSV transformation
  • ability to assign value, turn on and off of null data.


The following are some of examples.

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