Aerial Triangulation Bundle Block Adjustment


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Aerial Triangulation by Bundle Block adjustment requites a known camera focal length, a set of measured photo coordinates, and a set of ground control points.  The following are some of the beauty of Aerial Triangulation by bundle block adjustment in Noobeed, that might be hard to find in other programs.

Data and Output

        The photo coordinates measurement data are in this file, "obs_xpyp.txt".

        The ground control coordinates data are in this file, "obs_gcp.txt".

        These are really all you need.  Now it's time to do data processing.

        It is always possible to type interactively on the screen.  However, writing a program is also a good choice, like this.


Blk = AT_BD()

/ this is camera focal length

Blk.focal() = 76.20

/ this is default values of SD (image rectangular coordinates)

Blk.sd_xpyp() = 0.030

/ this is the max no of iterations

Blk.no_iterate() = 10




Type the above program, using a text editor, then save it in a file, e.g. "AT.prg".  Then load it, and run it.

->load "AT.prg"


 Here is the result, "at_bd_out.txt".

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